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The Cierra Corporation is an American chapter of the World Genius Consortium (WGC). The WGC provides totally private and untraceable internet and email service to recognized geniuses from all over the world. WGC membership is free to geniuses as recognized and described in our bylaws. Potential applicants need only contact the WGC with verifiable proof of an Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) at or above 170. Upon verification of the applicantís I.Q. by the WGC, the applicant will be required to demonstrate to the WGC a minimum of two (2) special abilities and/or talents that are far beyond those observable in the general human population. New members are required to submit periodic genetics samples to the WGC in our efforts to a create new and superior breed of human.

The Cierra Corporation currently has three members listed as WGC "Outstanding Individuals". These include the founder of the world's largest poultry processing company in America, a semi-humorous know-it-all computer guy in the southern US, and the wife of a former president.

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February 10, 2003
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